Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rachel's Rapunzel / Tangled Birthday Party

braids for the girls and a little paint for the boys to look like Flynn

Jello Boats.....not an original idea but very cute!!

made a few lanterns for decor

Wow, can't believe its been almost a year since posting. Miss Rachel celebrated her 5th birthday party in style with the theme being Tangled/Rapunzel. It was alot of fun!!


sharshar said...

Your daughter’s Tangled party looked amazing! I have to admit I just watched Tangled this last weekend with my daughter. I have never seen it before and she kept saying she wants a Tangled birthday party. So I watched it and fell in love with the movie! I am going to watch it over again and again to get some ideas about what to do for her party. I liked your Flynn, pin the nose game. Did you make any special invitations? I have an idea how I want to make them but I have a lot to make. I might even invite a few co-workers at Dish since they have daughters the same age.

Jennifer said...

Since we just basically have family we really didn't do a formal invitation, I emailed. I have to admit that I just googled Tangled birthday parties and also on Pinterest you can do a search. It's alot of fun to put together though!